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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
July 6, 2002

Pos at 1257gmt:
38 40N,
30 06W,
course 113mag @ 9-10kts.


Almost there! 71 miles, to my waypoint (38 29N, 28 37W) just south of Isla Faial, to be exact. 

Yesterday I heard some cruising sailors talking on the radio, one English, one French. They are both also headed for Horta on Faial. They were having a hard time communicating with the language barrier (and I would be of no help there!), but they were both disappointed with the lack of wind and their limited supply of diesel fuel. I talked to the English fellow onboard “Jewel of Yorkshire” (hope I remember that right), who was some 40 miles south of me or so. I had better wind so I recommended that he head north for a bit (he was motor-sailing) and that things should get better for him. He was delighted.

Next task: the French boat was a tiny speck on the horizon in front and south of me, so I cracked off a bit to have a look and see if he wanted some of my extra diesel. I rolled out the bigger jib for the lower course, and I quickly caught them (he and his wife, evidently a cruising couple) by surprise as they couldn’t imagine any sailboat appearing so fast. After rolling up the jib I still had to luff the main to have 30 seconds to talk. They were as excited as I was to see someone and we both took pictures. They appreciated the offer of fuel but said that they were fine and hoped to see me in Horta before I leave there. Then it was au revoir as Ocean Planet and I sped off over the horizon. What fun. 

I’ll try to send an update tonight after I arrive but no guarantee. I’m a bit nervous about anchoring this boat for the first time by myself, in an unknown port, at night, so it should be an experience.

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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