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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
Return delivery to Newport, RI USA
July 15, 2002

Position: 30 41N 42 42W


Well, if there is a ‘middle’ to the Atlantic, it’s somewhere near here. Plot it out, you’ll see what I mean…

Not much to report, other than beautiful moderate air spinnaker running in light tradewind conditions. My crew is getting the hang of things, other than a tight spinnaker wrap in the big kite that took a few hours to untangle. The guilty driver won’t be named, to avoid embarrassing a great supporter…..;-)

We are running two watches, with Rich & Edie on one and Lydia and my Mom on the other. I float and spend time on both watches keeping an eye on things. It seems like I’m sleeping less than I do when I’m sailing solo, but there is a lot to teach and explain about the boat. I’m also spending a lot of time on email, trying to keep the processes of finding $ and lining up the boat work in Newport. Ideally, the $ should come before committing to spending it, but there isn’t time to wait!

The crew is enjoying the idyllic conditions, which is good since it’s going to get a lot less pleasant when we finally cut north to head for Newport and leave the easterly trades. I’m glad we are this far south right now, as a tropical depression will be rolling NE a few hundred miles off the US coast. Hopefully it will be long gone by the time we get there….

Hey, I hear that there is a nice article on us in the current issue of SAIL magazine! Check it out… 


July 17, 2002 

Quick update from 31 13n 51 39w

Finally cutting across the millibars from the west side of the high towards the stationary front that we have to get through to get to Newport. The easy part of the trip is over as now we are close reaching in 20kts of wind at 13kts. Just over 1100nm to go.

Trying to organize all the shore work and fundraising from the boat, not easy, but we are down to the wire. Need major donations or sponsorship in the next couple of weeks or will have to pull out of the Around Alone soon after arriving in Newport. To say I’m stressed is a huge understatement, with all that everyone has put into this.

We are so close, yet so far.



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