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Ocean Planet – Panama Bound 

March 6, 2002

Time: 4pm UTC (8am PST),
Pos: 19 07N 105 37W,
Wind: 318 deg @ 8kts,
Boatspeed: 8.5kts.
Temp 85F,
Humd: 67%,
Pressure: 1015mb
“Wilson” 12-14 PSI.


Well, it seemed to take forever, but we are finally sailing for Panama. It was quite a logistical task to get fuel and food aboard since the keel depth of Ocean Planet prevented us from tying up at a dock. Also, there were lots of other errands to run picking up things like better fuel jugs (the ones we had were leaking), more storage bins, checking in and out with the Port Captain, getting papers stamped by Immigration, etc, etc. No big hassles, but time consuming stuff in Mexico where patience is a virtue. (I can hear all of you who know my patience level chuckling…)

There are still many misc details to do, but we can work on those while underway. In fact, Greg is wiring up and mounting new cabin fans (invaluable feature!!) while I am writing this.

Anyway, OP is chock full of food and junk (er, supplies) for the 7-10 day trip to Panama. I’m really looking forward to seeing the canal again. In 1974, my Dad took my brothers and I through on our old sloop the “Sara B.” I don’t remember as much as I wish I did, so this trip should reawaken many memories.

We left yesterday at 3 p.m. (5 p.m. PST), and as soon as night fell the dolphins were back to greet us. OP is very happy to off anchor and is very relaxed at 9 kts in 9 kts of wind. Our Big “Borland” genniker is flying peacefully on our custom Forespar carbon bowsprit. We might put the full size kite up later, but then again, we are not racing now….it’s time to relax and catch my breath before we cross the legendary Gulf of Tehuantepec in a few days.

Look forward to regular updates on this little jaunt to Panama, our canal transit, and our bash against the trades to Antigua. 


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