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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Wednesday, April 23, 2003 1200gmt
Position 14 10 N 53 42 W


Hi all,

Last night was a beautiful one, but very long. The wind dropped down, necessitating the big masthead kite which I put up around midnight. Tried to get some quick winks under autopilot but was unsuccessful, as I pretty much have to drive to get the most out of it in light air. A bit more wind now and hoping that T & E to windward of us will be slowing down in the next position report. They should be entering a light zone soon, and I’m keeping my tired fingers crossed!

Are any of you going to Pacific Sail Expo in Oakland this week and weekend? Our friend and the builder of Ocean Planet, Steve Rander and Schooner Creek Boat Works will have a booth at the show through Sunday. They will be happy to give us some space to take orders for our team gear and pitch folks for donations which we desperately need! I have to admit that a few folks meeting us at the finish in Newport will be wanting a bit more than to shake my hand…if you know what I mean and I think you do…;-) Get into the show free, buy some team gear and help keep Ocean Planet alive! Call Schooner Creek Boat Works and they will tell you how to get in touch with Steve:  503-735-0569 . Also, give my partner Jeanie a call for order forms and Team gear:  510-63… (eve)

Wish I could be there as I love the show. In 1997 my old boat “Rumbleseat” was featured at the show and my rigging seminars were well attended. Then, if you missed it, in 2001 Ocean Planet was christened at the show by none other than Ellen MacArthur! Now, THAT was cool!

Gotta go, it’s really tricky typing and pressing the autopilot buttons at the same time to keep the boat going properly…..big kite is still up!

Hoping the wind picks up so I can change sails and get a nap,
Bruce and Ocean Planet


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