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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Tuesday, March 11, 2003 1330GMT
Position: 36 56 S 47 05 W


Hi all,

1500 miles to Salvador Bahia, Brazil

I had some feedback after yesterday’s update, and I guess I didn’t make it clear enough how fragile Ocean Planet’s financial situation really is.

It boils down to this: If we don’t raise enough money by the time Leg 5 starts, I may be forced to withdraw from the race. These updates will have to stop as I simply cannot responsibly afford to run up ever mounting communication bills that we cannot pay.

These updates are expensive and without the required communications we will be disqualified anyway. It’s a tough call: Do I keep running up the bills in the hope that we’ll get more support, or stop running up costs before they are out of control?

It will be heartbreaking after getting this far to be forced to pull out. Ocean Planet is now more ready than ever, but we simply can’t afford to race. I will have to start unofficially and sail safely (slowly) home to put her on the market to pay our bills.

My dream is keep the boat and to race the Vendee Globe, but that is a long way off and we can’t meet our current obligations. I guess if I have to pull out I will still be able to walk into a classroom and say that I sailed solo around the world, but that won’t be the same as saying that I officially finished the Around Alone and the Vendee Globe.

Please keep us going!

In the meantime, we are on starboard tack a few hundred miles from the South American shore. A low pressure trough is predicted to come off the land which should give us a nice header to tack on and ride for a few days. Probably still upwind but close to the right direction!

Bruce and Ocean Planet and crew


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