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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Thursday, February 27, 2003 1320gmt
Position: 54 17 S, 62 30 W


Hi all,

Yesterday was a big day for me and Ocean Planet. A goal that had always seemed unattainable came true as we rounded Cape Horn after more that three years of very hard work. I did my best to savor the day on behalf of so many who have helped us get so far against such long odds. To build a new American Open 60 primarily from donations, devoted support from many smaller sponsors (rather than one big one), and the sweat of so many friends and our team…..and to race against some of the top European Open 60 teams in class one of the Around Alone….it’s overwhelming!

Sure it bugs me a little that I’m in last place (just barely) on points, but I feel great about this boat and am very proud of how I have sailed despite a few growing pains and accidents. I knew that our progressive boat was probably too new to win, but we have met a number of important goals. One is to show and develop the potential of Ocean Planet, which if you have been watching closely has shown tremendous speed in many conditions. I have the pictures of the current leg leader behind me a few days into this leg to prove it, too….;-)

The next big goal is TO FINISH THE RACE. It won’t be all easy as I have to be very careful not to break anything else! To that end I am stopping at Port Stanley in the Falkland islands and meeting composites pro Erich Chase to fix our baby up for the roughly 3,000 miles to Salvador, Brazil. I have run through countless jury rig possibilities in my busy brain to avoid stopping, but all risk further damage to our still new mainsail or deck. We simply can’t afford that and facilities in Brazil are limited. There is plenty of time to be careful, arrive in Salvador in a good basic state, and then fine tune for a top leg finish in Leg 5 and our arrival back in the U.S.

There is a long way to go, but somehow we’ll do it, just watch.

Below: Pics of you know where!

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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