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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Sunday, April 20, 2003 1300gmt
Position 05 38 N 42 51 W
Heading: 308T at 11kts


Hi all,

Last night the wind was good and we made great time, but this morning the winds went a bit lighter. The morning positions showed that Thierry and Emma still didn’t have the good winds yet, so we put a few more miles on them. Yippee! With this morning’s wind change we’ve slowed down and put up more sail, and I hoping that T & E are still light too. We need all the miles we can get as there is a big possibility the leaders will sailing into light winds just past the Caribbean and will cause some fleet “recompression.”

In the meantime, we are chowing down on various powdered forms of edible materials. Good ol freeze-dried, along with powdered potatoes, powdered milk, powdered cocoa, powdered soups, and of course, everyone’s favorite genuine imitation powdered orange juice, “Tang.”

While in Brazil, I enjoyed various fantastic fresh fruit juices and combinations, with my favorite being: “Suco da laranja y manga y gelo”, por favor! (orange and mango with crushed ice, please!). Delicious, but I have to admit that once while drinking a fresh orange juice, I caught myself thinking “amazing how much this stuff tastes like real Tang…..” When I realized what I was thinking…well, I know I need more time on land, real soon. I’m heading there as fast as I can, trust me.

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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