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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Saturday, January 11, 2003 1300gmt
Position: 38 35S, 167 41E


The last 24 hours (roughly) has been very light air. While its been slow going, Ocean Planet is lethal in light air so we have caught up some to Brad and have just about passed Emma on Pindar. We had been gaining on Simone and Graham too, but they have finally escaped the dead spot they were in and are on the move again. 

About 335 miles to the north tip of New Zealand, and then we turn south down the east coast to Tauranga. Looks like we will be beating down the coast too….but hopefully not too much wind. 

One reason why we are so good in light air is our new Doyle D4 main and working jib, which are awesome sails. Check out the pic of the jib…here the runner is eased to give it a little extra power. Don’t you wish your new sails looked this good? And this is after 6000 miles of Southern Ocean flogging, furling, and general abuse! 

A shot of the main is attached too. This sail is about 1800 sq ft! Notice the unstayed mast…no shrouds. This mast works so well, I predict that more and more high performance and cruising boats will have them. I now call the shrouds on other boats “Training wheels for an old fashioned mast”…;-) 

About four more days to Tauranga! 

Bruce and Ocean Planet 


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