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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Friday, March 21, 2003
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Hi all,

Now, THAT finish was an exercise in patience. Once, after fighting to within a mile the wind died and the current flushed back out towards the sea at 1-2kts. I thought of anchoring but it was too deep, so it was just hang on until the wind came back! The poor race team welcoming troops sat and waited in small boats enduring occasional torrential downpours. At one point, I got washed far back enough so that they retreated back to the harbor, apparently to dry out their cigarettes….;-)

Last evening was fun as I was able to talk to real humans in person about everything under the sun, generally solving the problems of the world (which is quite an effort these days). When you are out alone for a long time one of the things I miss most is intelligent conversation and debate. That and a cold beer, a nice steak, and ice cream, and fresh juice, and, and, and… it’s good to be here!

If only everyone didn’t smoke so much. After perfectly clean air for so long, it’s not long before I’m sneezing and have a headache when surrounding by so many people puffing away. Apparently, I’m allergic to the smoke as it really messes up my nose. Oh, well!

Thanks to all of you that have pitched in to help keep us going. Special thanks to recent contributors, many (most?) of you are repeat donors, which really means a lot. I read all these names over and over and think a lot about what it means when people give you their support.

In no particular order, I hope I don’t miss anyone!):

Mary Jean & S.W. Bushnell
James & Margaret Callahan
Jocelyn Nash
Ecinal Yacht Club Fundraiser
Ernest & Rosalee Schimpf
Loren Beach
John & Julie King
John McMunn
Winton Cleary
Joseph Huberman
Anna Stockel
Mike Engelhardt
David Sherrill
Thomas Carnes
Tripp Westbrook
Quincy Bragg
Robert Hinden
Jeff Conlin
Lee Bowman
Sachiko Itagaki
Kevin Flanigan
Ned Flanigan

I’m a veg today, but will explore around a bit and report on Salvador soon.

Below: You never know where a Wylie boat will show up!

Bruce and Ocean Planet and crew


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