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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Friday, March 14, 2003 1400GMT
Position: 28 08 S 40 36 W
Wind SE @ 10-15kts
Heading 28T @ 10-11kts
Pressure: 1011mb


Hi all,

I was just out on the back of the boat in my favorite viewing perch leaning on the windward running backstay. It’s gorgeous out, and we are zipping along now that the northerly swell that we have been banging into for days is fading away. Yesterday was good sailing, but we were having a bouncy ride going straight into the rollers on the nose even though we were sailing downwind. This wind is due to die out, and I’m hoping to pass the trough as it fills and stalls and make it to the light northerlies on the other side… we’ll see…

While I was viewing the proceedings, I was thinking about how I like finding innovative solutions to sailing fast and how that led to the creation of Ocean Planet. Good thing I know so many talented people in the industry to get involved that think the same way. Several super composites people and companies pitched in with Schooner Creek in the creation process. The fact that we are making it around the world with so many progressive and new ideas is immensely satisfying. I haven’t yet put all my ideas into play on the boat, and of course, I have built up a trove of improvements and new ideas. This gives me lot to look forward to if we can hang onto her and develop her to her full potential.

I’d like to give a special mention today to Forespar Composites, who provided a number of great carbon parts that have performed brilliantly: our unstayed bowsprit, the custom aero radar tower, and our carbon fiber pipe berth frames. Great stuff! Thanks to Dennis and the gang at Forespar, I haven’t forgotten you!

More cool composite characters tomorrow…

Bruce and Ocean Planet and crew


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