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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Friday, April 18, 2003 1240gmt
Position 00 24.4 S 36 56.4 W
Heading: 314 at 9kts


Hi all,

We are nearing the equator! It has been a long time and a lot of sailing miles in the southern hemisphere since we crossed over going the other way. I might jinx myself, but I may have escaped the doldrums relatively unscathed. . .but need to keep my fingers crossed for another day!

In just over a week, we will sail east of Antigua, almost exactly one year after passing near the same spot on our way to Charleston, SC. We had been at Antigua Sailing Week as part of my plan to raise donations for my qualification sail from Charleston to the Azores. It didn’t work too well, but fortunately a group of supporters led by sailor Henry “Hank” Grandin put together a “matching grant” that helped me raise JUST enough to sail to the Azores and qualify for the Around Alone. Just one of the many stories within stories on this long adventure since Ocean Planet and I left San Francisco in February, 2002.

There’s still a long way to go, but at the moment this is beautiful sailing and I have over a 100 mile lead on Thierry and Emma. It is a little TOO nice, and it makes me worry that something is going to happen, but that’s me, I always worry! I’m going to be very careful and get this puppy home in one piece. Then my dream is to somehow finish the boat and get her up to her potential. Like California sailing guru Bill Lee says: “Fast is Fun!”

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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