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Ocean Planet – Another day in the tropics

March 15, 2002 

Time: 1550 UTC (9:48 PST)
Position: 08 12N, 083 34W
Temp 89
Press 1007
Wind 5knts from ESE 


With steely resolve, we bypassed the Costa Rican port of Puntarenas yesterday. This was despite our somewhat lengthy discussions about the legendary beauty of the women of Costa Rica.

The truth is that although we have had to motor some, we have enough fuel left to get to Panama even if the wind quits permanently, so there was no real reason to stop. We’ll have to go sight seeing there some other time!

Last night was absolutely beautiful, sailing on flat seas in a light westerly with porpoises putting on hourly shows. There was an amazing number of fishing boats pulling their nets along, so we had to divert around a few. They must have wondered who in the heck we were. We are again motoring into a light headwind and in the usual oppressive heat. This morning’s entertainment included seeing a brief waterspout (unfortunatly, not a drop on us!) in a big rain squall a few miles away. Also, we snagged a fishing line and float, and I had to jump in and cut the lines away. There was a nasty looking hook on one end that I cut before it got any ideas about who was in charge…and no fish, drat! 

Anyway, time for a nap on deck, too hot below…I don’t how our AMD powered PC survives this heat, but she keeps on chuggin. Just like Ocean Planet. 

Below is a modified shot of OP’s designated swimmer drying out….

Bruce, Greg, Dave, Hank, Howard, and Ocean Planet

PS: Just went for another swim, another fishing line. This one DID have a fish on the hook end…..the bait. I’m not that hungry so I left it…;-)


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