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Ocean Planet Adventures
Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Important Ocean Planet news, 6:30pm PST:

If you haven’t already heard, fellow Around Alone competitor Tim Kent and his crew were rescued only about a day ago by a cruise liner after the boat’s bulb keel broke away while they were racing doublehanded in the return leg of the Bermuda 1-2 race. His boat, Everest Horizontal, capsized without the weight of lead bulb, leaving Tim and his crew, Rick, swimming and climbing up the boat bottom to cling to the rudders. Thankfully Tim’s flares were soon spotted by the cruise liner so both of them were quickly rescued and are okay.

Other Around Alone skippers Alan Paris, Brad Van Liew, and myself are going to help Tim get his boat back. A search is being organized, and I have volunteered the use of Ocean Planet to assist. Although I have been home only briefly and many issues need urgent attention, I know that Tim would do the same for me if he had to. So I fly out tonight to arrive tomorrow morning at Ocean Planet which has been on a mooring provided by the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol.

Tim Kent and I will set sail from Newport either tomorrow evening or early Wednesday to locate and stand by EH, while Brad and Alan are getting a salvage boat and a diving team together. Locating the boat will be tricky, with Gulf Stream eddies swirling about, so we will be aided by shoreside routing support provided by Brad working with Commander’s Weather. It will take a few days to arrive at EH’s last location and begin the search pattern. Stay tuned for further details and updates!

Skipper, Ocean Planet


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