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Ocean Planet Adventures
Friday, June 13, 2003



In my last update, I said that Ocean Planet would be at the Wooden boat show in Rockland, Maine on June 18-20….. That would be a problem since the show is JULY 18-20!!

Besides that, it turns out that the water depth at the show docks in not deep enough for our 15ft draft, so we won’t be at the show after all. But if there is enough interest from folks to go for an overnight ride on Ocean Planet to an appropriate destination in Maine (or wherever), contact me as soon as possible.

This Wednsday I visited my favorite kids in Walnut Creek, at Super Teacher Anne Thomas‘ 5th grade class (and the rest of the 5th graders there are cool too!)! We met in the school auditorium where I did my slide show, talked, and answered their great questions. It was really fun, and I hope to visit them next year at their Junior High school!

Other dates where I will showing up were correct:

July 10th: Corinthian Yacht Club (Tiburon).
July 26th: Stockton Sailing Club.
TBA in Sept: Party at Encinal Yacht Club (Alameda).

See you there!

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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