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My Early Birthday Present?
Apr. 14, 2002 


From the lilliputitian “Ocean Planet” in the land of giant boats…

My friends tend to joke about my birthday being “tax day'” in the US . . . April 15th. If you were wondering what to get me, just make a donation to The Made in America Foundation instead to keep Ocean Planet going….you can’t say I don’t think of every angle! 

As if on cue for an early birthday present, Robbie Doyle (that’s right, THE Robbie Doyle) of Doyle sails came by yesterday to say hi, and invited me to sail today on the J-boat “Valsheda.” 

We will be checking out Valsheda’s new cool carbon D4 Doyle racing sails. Here is their foredeck this morning. Each one of these sails weighs hundreds of pounds and would be a lot heavier if they weren’t D4! 

This experience will be a real treat, as long as I don’t get crushed by a giant sail. 

I’ll try to get some sailing pics if I don’t soak the digital camera. We sure could use a waterproof one…



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