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Beautiful Day
Mar. 28, 2002


A beautiful day on the good ship Ocean Planet.

Smooth seas, no pounding, the boat sliding effortlessy along at good speed (OP is lethal in light air upwind…). We listened to music, read, talked about everything and nothing…makes me forget the bashing a few days ago. I even put new strings on the guitar and played some tunes!

An ocean passage is such a wide ranging experience, from the most miserable (wet, bruised, smelly, and worried) to the most wonderful (gorgeous ocean, idyllic sailing, making music, beautiful sunsets..). Such a dichotomy.

Position at 2322 UT (3:22 PST): 16 43N, 68 14W. Course 050 speed 8kts, wind around 105 at 6kts. We are 811 miles from Panama (measured in a straight line), with 368 miles to go to Antigua.

I wish everyone as nice a day as we had. As hard as the world can be, we must always appreciate the good days we have on this ocean planet.

Bruce, Greg, George, Serge, Wilson, Marley, the teddy bear, and the boat of course.


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