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April 19, 2001
Oakland, CA 



Ellen MacArthur, visiting from the UK, christened the new Open 60 Ocean Planet on Wednesday. As you know, Ocean Planet has become the feature presentation at this years Pacific Sail Exposition, and who else more appropriate to show up and christen the boat than Ellen. Her rare U.S. appearance could not have been timed more perfectly. “To have Ellen on hand at P.S.E., and to christen the boat”, said O.P. Skipper Bruce Schwab, “lends the Made In America Foundation incredible momentum and exposure. 

Who’s this, and why is she smashing bottles of bubbly all over our new boat?.
(Photo Latitude38/JR) 

Unless you have been living under a rock all winter, you will know that Ellen (who is another phenominal success story for another time) recently finished second in this years Vendee Globe Challenge, sailing against Europe’s best. Just as the NBA is the source of the worlds best hoops players, Europe (France) has historically been the origin of the planets best singlehanded sailors. 

Judging from the first day at P.S.E. there is support for a bigger American involvement in the world of serious ocean racing. With the boat “open” for viewing, folks were lined up and around the docks in line for a peek inside.

More about the christening here from boats.com.


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