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Antigua Pre-race practice
“Tomorrow we Race”, Day 1 ASW
Apr. 27, 2002


Reports by the Ocean Planet crew! 

Today we were fully crewed-up with 12 folks keeping the boat powered and somewhat flat. We went out on the water before noon today and saw windspeeds of 20-23 knots, 80-some degrees making for a great day of tropical sailing. As you can see from the picture we had up our small staysail and full main for upwind work.

Today was also the day that Bruce’s lovely Jeanie left us for the mainland. Now we have Bruce all to ourselves!

After a bit of far-offshore work we noticed “Pyewacket” working up the shore. We seemed to be doing ok against them, but lacked a bit of their pointing ability. However, after turning off the wind,we were having our way with them. With Pyewacket in our class rating of 1.297, and ours at 1.199 it’s going to be some good racing. This is a time-on-time rating system. It’s going to be a great week. This is a Caribbean Rating System that I know nothing about. Tomorrows race is the longest of the week at 34 miles.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we start races with a jaunt half way around the Island in a CCW direction. We should have 13 or so folks on the boat. The forecast is for sunny skies, winds from the NE at about 20 knots. 

“MAS man on the rail after a gruling yet cumbersome tack this old man may know his glue, but god keep him out of the cockpit. Obviously he is in good hands with Bruce at the helm behind him, and Robert Flowerman covering his every move even this amature can look good. With guys like J. B. on the boat Bruce needs all the cash he can raise to keep them off,its the only way he’ll win. Come on Guys and Gals Pitch in Big for our boy we need an American on an American boat to show the world what were made of .”


“Beki and I arrived Friday after flying all night from San Francisco. After getting some well needed sleep, we were ready to get on the boat and get out on the water.

Ocean Planet is definately an “E” ticket ride, combine that with the incredible conditions here at Antigua and you get an unforgettable experience. If you ever doubted the clarity of the water, check out the light colored shape in the photo – its bulb keel, located 15 feet below the surface of the water! 

The day’s practice sessions really drove home what a special boat Ocean Planet is and how lucky we are to have such a boat to represent the US in single handed ocean racing. Thanks to everyone who has donated money or time and made all this happen.” – Dave Fullerton.

“Arrived in Antigua Thursday afternoon a thrilling flight from San Francisco where the plane’s port engine exploded on take-off, almost missed the connection to San Juan in Chicago, and the flight crew on the inter-island LIAT flight seemed to be too young to drive a car in the States. It was worth it! We are staying in a house overlooking English and Falmouth harbour with some of the most beautiful (and expensive) yachts in the world.

On every tack, here is a view of OP’s unique carbon compsite mast as I slide my butt underneath the mast. Here’s some Mast-twist for you. “It’s just a big windsurf rig anyway, eh?” – Jim Mirowski

We will be away racing for a few days, so expect yet another update in in a few days.

Bruce’s friends on OCEAN PLANET


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