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AMD On Board! 

Update 11-28-00 


Ocean racing fans, 

Yours truly, the Wocketeer, is delighted to introduce to you our new Official Supplier for “The Atlantic Challenge”, Advanced Micro Devices.

There will be more press releases soon, but you are the first to know that we have “AMD ON BOARD!” All of our onboard computers where processor speed is critical for ocean navigation and weather analysis, will be AMD powered. Also, all of our shore based PC’s and traveling laptops will have “AMD ON BOARD!”

AMD‘s computer chipmaking technology is second to none. It is reassuring to me to know that with “AMD ON BOARD” I will have their speed, dependability, and efficient power with me. 

AMD produces the incredibly high-speed “Athlon” as well the high-value “Duron” and the super power efficient K6(3) computer processor chips. They are based right here in the Bay Area and supply computer makers the world over. So it is fitting that our west coast based “Open 60” ocean racer will use their technology to power us in “The Atlantic Challenge”, truly an International event.

With “AMD ON BOARD!” we will race from France to Germany, England, the US, and back to France. This truly exciting race will be aboard “Open 60” race boats only, which are among the world’s fastest ocean racing monohulls.

Stay tuned for more “Wocket” construction pics! 

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
Made in America Globe Challenges


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