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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
Newport, RI USA
July 27, 2002 


First days in Newport

Well, here we are. This is my first time in Newport, which is pretty much the “yachting center” of the U.S. East Coast (and that’s saying a lot). In a later update I’ll try to convey what a sail-mad place this is….

It was a good passage from Horta. The trip was just under 13 days, not bad for taking it easy going under the Azores High. It would have been a real thrasher going the other (northern) route. I was lucky to have an enthusiastic crew, who were able to make up for any lack of experience with their perseverance and dedication. A big thanks to my supporting crew Lydia Vargas, Edie Felix, Rich Jones, and of course my mom, Anitia Jimenez. 

There has been a good response from the local shorthanded sailing crowd, with some volunteers helping me to get started on things. Local photographer, Billy Black and his wife Joyce, have graciously put me up at their wonderful place, a nice break from my quarterberth….;-) It’s a good start and the more volunteers the merrier since there is plenty to do! 

The positive vibe from the people I meet helps me to ignore the impending financial disaster. Hopefully the great coverage and the help that the sailing press has done for us will pay off by getting the word out and donations in. In my last update, I pretty much came clean about our situation and I was surprised to see the update and/or stories show up in many of my favorite online sailing sites and e-newsletters like sailinganarchy.com, Scuttlebutt, sailingworld.com and others. I am flattered that these folks see fit to publish my stuff. It is this kind of support that keeps me going. The start of the Around Alone is so near yet so far! We have less than three weeks to haul, finish and relaunch by August 17th or so.

If you are near Newport, come by and visit. Everyone is welcome to come aboard and look around, just be prepared to grab a tool and you’ll have to take a donation form with you when you go! 

Hangin in Newport, 

Bruce Bruce Schwab


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