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“Sailors young, and young at heart” June 12, 2001 


A few months ago, before the launch of Ocean Planet, I gave splicing lesson at a 5th grade class, and a talk about solo ocean racing and keeping our oceans clean. 

Well today we took the very same class for a sail on Ocean Planet, our great new Open 60 racing boat.  It is fun to take such a great group of young sailors out. It is amazing how much and how fast they learn. I hope they stay so interested in sailing, you never know if one could be the next Ellen! Almost all of our young guests had a chance to steer Ocean Planet. A few have a little sailing under their belts already and are pretty darn good.

It was good that it was light air, just to be safe, and we all had a great time. Ocean Planet is real racing machine, but she has great manners so she is the perfect boat to show young non-pro sailors the beautiful San Francisco/Oakland Bay.

Our team is very proud that we were able to make this boat a reality, so that we can share the experience and feel of a real Open 60 racing machine. This isn’t something these kids can do very often, as Ocean Planet is the only modern Open 60 in the U.S. Our supporters should feel as proud as I do, to give the kids this opportunity! 

I will keep you posted on Ocean Planet’s schedule. Our main focus right now is getting ready for my record attempt on the Singlehanded Transpac course to Hawaii. I won this race on corrected time in 1996 on my old boat “Rumbleseat”, the same year that the elapsed time record was set by “Wild Thing”. Ocean Planet is itchin to smash it!

Ok, this is good to pass up! I’ve included at the bottom of this report, some letters I just received from these kids. At first it might seem almost shameless but if you read them, you’ll realize they are written from the heart and still make me feel unbelievably good!

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for being a great influence to me and our class. On the sailing trip we had a great time and it was especially fun to drive ocean planet. I think that you did a great job building it AND GOOD LUCK AT THE VENDEE GLOBE.

Thank you so much for letting us go out on you boat it was loads of fun. I really enjoyed exploring it, it was interesting to look at all the computers and other high-tech things on your boat. Steering the boat was fun, too. I liked how you taught us how to steer your boat. The work sheet was interesting because it taught lot’s of cool sailing facts.

Dear Bruce,
I enjoyed going to your field trip it was fun! I especially liked it when you let all of the students in the class steer or tack the boat witch I learned means turning the boat around. I liked when the boat was tipping when it was on the side near the water. I liked that I got to steer because it was fun. I can see it now “Bruce around the world winner”, and when you win I will see you on tv and say hey I know that guy and I’ll e-mail you. Good luck on your boat race around the world trip. HOPE you win. THANX!! SINCERELY,
P.S. I definitely think you’ll win!!!! 

Dear Bruce,
The field trip we had was great. The best part was when we went sailing, it was fun. I think driving the boat is a lot of work but fun. Good Luck
From Tanner

Dear Bruce,
Thanks for taking our class sailing. I had the time of my life! But i still can’t believe that you built that boat. You did a great job. I think you will do great on your trip around the world. I know you will.

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for the tour of your fantastic boat it was great. My favorite part was steering the boat it was fun. wish you luck, from,

Thank you for taking us on Oceanplanet. I will always remember steering the boat. My favorite part was when I tacked the boat. I also liked the quiz. I loved your captain’s chair.
From, Josh 

Dear Bruce,
Thank you so much for letting Mrs. Thomas’s class be apart of your crew on Oceanplanet! I know all of us enjoyed it so much,especially because it is going to go around the world in a couple of years! I appreciate it greatly and thank you so much! I had a great time!
Sincerely, Robyn

Dear Bruce,
Thank you sooooo much for inviting us to sail with you on Ocean Planet. We all really enjoyed it! We wish you luck sailing around the world, and hope you do well. We look forward to talking to you on your website.
From, Brian, Barrie, and Alexa (3 of Mrs. Thomas’s 5th graders) 

Dear Moose,
You’re Oceanplanet boat is the coolest! We loved sitting on the front of the boat. It was really fun when we got to steer. How’s Greg? Have you ever hit someone when you were tacking, like I hit my brother? If you did, did they fall off the boat? We like the race car chair and the Global Positioning. Good luck on your race around the world!
Sincerely, Typed by: Grace Marie Some comments by: Molly and Braden 

Dear Bruce,
Thank you so much for taking my class sailing yesterday
. We all enjoyed it very much. My favorite part was when I got to steer the boat! Good luck in your around the world race! I hope you win! One day when your a famous sailor I’ll be able to say:” Hey! I know that guy! I steered his boat the Ocean Planet once!” Thanks again!
Sincerely, Christina 

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for letting our class ride in your boat. It was so exciting to go on a famous person’s boat and your boat is really high-tech! Ocean Planet definitely stands out against other boats I’ve seen. And thank you for letting me call you Moose and for the sodas.
Sincerely, Neda 

Dear Bruce,
I loved this field trip because I have never been on a sailboat before and it was quite interesting to me. I really recommend this field trip to any other class because all these fun things will amaze them! Such as steering the boat, sitting at the bottom of the boat, even when it is turning, and also if there will be if they go the SODA’S! I loved this field trip I think that you will win and you are very nice to us. You really explained to me how to steer a ship and even how to tack. I had the time of my life.
Sincerely, Jamie 

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for letting us sail on your boat. We liked your seat. We liked how you let us sit in the front of the boat. We hope you win the race.
From Yin-Ju, Tony, Michael, and Sherie 

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for letting me go on your cool new boat and letting me drive. Driving the boat was fun

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for letting us come on your brand new boat. Thank you for the tour of the boat, and for letting me drive the boat.
THANK YOU. Graham 

Dear Bruce,
I’m so glad you took us on your boat. Most kids never get to do that. It was also really cool steering. Thank you for everything and I wish you luck on all your races!!

Dear Bruce, I had a great time at your boat yesterday, and had a blast steering it. I think that boat will make it racing all the way around the world.
Good luck! Kelsey


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